I was clued in to mystery stories early in life as an avid fan of Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew. As an adolescent I adored Miss Marple. My reading list includes pretty much everything by Christie, Sayers, Marsh, Allingham, and other Golden Age authors. I’m a passionate reader of the works of P.D. James, Elizabeth George, Minette Walters, Val McDermid, Ann Cleeves, and so many other outstanding mystery and crime writers.

My own writing ranges from flash fiction to short stories to the novel. My amateur sleuth, Bethany Jarviss, solves a murder case in The First Fiancée, a mystery in search of a publisher. Bethany is the grants administrator for her family’s charitable foundation in New Mexico. She uses her sharp mind and engaging personality to solve crimes that threaten to shake up the lives of people she loves. Bethany has complicated relationships with her family and her cowboy boyfriend. I had a fine time drafting a second novel, The End of Promise, featuring this gal and am plotting a third. I write in my office at home, my cabin in the mountains, or anywhere else I go with my laptop. I participate in Zoom meetings with writer friends and take coffee breaks in the park with my nose in a classic or contemporary mystery. Maybe I’ll see you there!

2 thoughts on “Reader……Fan……Author

  1. Hello to a sister Guppy. I was afraid I was swimming around Las Cruces all alone. It’s nice to know there is someone in the pond with me. Congratulations on publication of your short story. The book will be next. Keep swimming.
    Sandy Marshall

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